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S60 v5 Theme Review: Haze

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Menu screen

Haze is a well-designed theme available for all S60 v5 devices. It has a dark and futuristic design and comes with a specialized set of icons that replaces the built-in default icons.

There are two features that really stand out with this theme:

The first is the fade effects that the theme applies to transitions, for example, when opening the task bar or when opening or closing a menu. These effects are of course not really part of the theme – they come with the operating system – so technically speaking the transitions are just a matter of switching between foreground colour and background colour and not really fades. Still,¬† it’s very impressive and means the creator has found a colour mix not previously seen within a theme on the platform.

The second standout feature is that the theme’s background, which¬†works equally well on all screens, something that is very hard to achieve with the way the S60 v5 user interface is designed. Again, technically speaking this is all about the theme’s colour mix, but it’s definitely something very few themes can compete against.

The theme is free. While themes are always a matter of personal opinion, there is no question that this theme has some very interesting design qualities. That should make it attractive both for ordinary users and for theme developers as a case study.

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By , Nokia-affairs Correspondent on Aug 22nd, 2009 GMT +2


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