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Review: Best Blackberry OS Music Application

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BlackBerry PandoraPandora

There are a number of media players and internet radio apps available for Blackberry smartphones.

RIM also has the built-in media player that goes well with any SD card. Radio applications such as Slacker and iHeartRadio are fairly popular, and serve their purpose, but for the smoothest and most customizable music experience, Pandora is the best download Blackberry users can find. Pandora is an online music service that makes customizable playlists based on preferred artists and songs picked by a user. An account isn’t only simple and quick to make, but it’s free at

The mobile application works exactly same as the web version. The main page features all of the user’s stations, and gives the options for a quick mix of all of them, as well as creating a new one.

There are some missing features, such as adding more artists to a station. This is a downfall, but it’s something that will probably be fixed in an updated version somewhere down the line. It also lacks the social features such as having friends online to share the music with. This really isn’t a big deal considering social networking is not the main or strong point of Pandora.

Coupled up with customizing their profile online, Pandora is an exceptionally powerful tool for listening to a wide variety of music all in one place. It runs incredibly smooth without the slow loading times of Slacker, or the radio commercials of iHeartRadio.

Pandora is currently one of the top free apps in the Blackberry App World and available for download at that website.

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