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BlackBerry Improving Browser Capabilities

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new BlackBerry web browserWATERLOO, Canada – Research In Motion is a giant in the smartphone industry. It has taken in a large portion of the market’s sales, but it still lacks in some major areas to competitors such as Apple and their iPhone. Many of these problems aren’t necessarily hardware related most of the time, but rather software set-up problems.

The default applications on all Blackberry phones suffer from many navigational problems and lack a fine polish. The web browser is one of the most notable problems – not only does it look plain as it can be (which isn’t necessarily a horrible aspect, but it is dull), but navigating web pages can be a chore. Tasks such as zooming in and out, or panning from side to side aren’t as simple as they should be, and often offer little cooperation with the user.

RIM does recognize these problems though, navigational problems are currently being worked on, and will possibly be implemented in a re-done browser by next summer. Other problems such as slow load times are typically the device’s problem. Low RAM is the cause of loading problems, and will become less of an issue as devices become more innovative and powerful.

There is also the possibility of third-party developers being able to contribute to fixing these problems. Research In Motion has recently launched a Blackberry Developer’s Blog. The Blog is a chance for developers from both RIM and software companies to share advice, tips, and ideas to improve in all aspects of the Blackberry experience. This can only be an advantage for all Blackberry users, who expect innovation when it comes to their devices, as well as the applications, preloaded and ones they download from third-party suppliers.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Aug 13th, 2009 GMT +2


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