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Review: Best RSS Feed Reader for BlackBerry OS

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pinstackPinstack Mobile

There are many ways to access information and find news on a Blackberry device. Many applications can be used to access specific news sites or types of stories, or users could always just surf the web randomly in their browser. However, there is one application that acts like a mobile RSS reader, that is fully customizable and adjustable for any user. PinStack Mobile is an app that finds information from news sites and blogs all over the internet and puts them all in one place. The app is mainly focused on wireless device news, as the main page focuses on news stories about Blackberry, the iPhone, Windows Mobile, Google Android, and Palm.

The application has many features that make this more than just an easy way to keep up on smartphone news. There are several tabs which allow for personalized searches. Users can enter keywords, which will automatically search for related stories from either Google or Yahoo news. There is also an option to save featured articles within the application itself.

This is an excellent mobile tool for searching for tech news for any wireless brand. Its versatility and functionality make it a very user-friendly experience, and possibly one of the best news-related applications available to Blackberry users.

PinStack Mobie is available for free download at the BlackBerry App World under Social Networking and Instant Messaging applications.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Jul 31st, 2009 GMT +2


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