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T-Mobile Releasing RIM’s Newest – the Curve 8520

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8520BELLEVUE, USA and WATERLOO, Canada – Research In Motion has announced the latest exclusive heading towards T-Mobile – the new Curve 8520 will be heading to store shelves on August 5th, and is the second Blackberry released to feature the new navigational trackpad.

With this being the second device released with the new feature, and rumors of the upcoming Onyx model to have it as well, it might be a safe bet that RIM is discontinuing the original trackball.

T-Mobile already has two different versions of the Curve available – the 8320 and 8900. The 8320 is a slightly dated model, but the 8900 is comparable to the newest release.

The 8520 is almost the exact same size, but slightly smaller. The biggest difference are a few new features, the obvious one, of course, being the trackpad. The new model has a high-resolution display with 320×480 pixels of resolution, a 2 megapixel camera with video recording, a full QWERTY keyboard, 256MB onboard memory, and WiFi capability.

This phone will probably be replacing the older 8320 as most of the 8300 series is now a couple of years old, and the BlackBerry Tour (and possibly the Onyx) are understood as being marketed to replace many of the Curve models. This new model is a solid addition to the rich Blackberry experience for those with a T-Mobile plan, and offers a brand new mode of navigation with the optical trackpad.

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