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Mac Users Finally get Blackberry Support

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager MacWATERLOO, CanadaApple is constantly becoming more of a household brand, the company has introduced the world to monumental products such as the iPod and the iPhone, and changed the world of technology. Now, Mac users who prefer a Blackberry to an iPhone can now rejoice: a Blackberry Desktop Manager has been announced for a September release; the new software would allow for complete functionality on one’s Mac computer.

Mac users have been able to sync their wireless devices somehow with third-party software, such as Pocket Mac for Blackberry. The software works, but it isn’t nearly as versatile or functional as other sync programs such as iTunes. Users could also manage their mobile content directly by hooking up their device to their computer via a USB cable. This is useable, but does not offer any kind of sync option or feature to back up data.

The Blackberry Desktop Manager for Mac is going to offer a full experience, complete with iTunes-esque syncing functionality and customizable security software. The program will be fully available for all Mac users running OSX 10.5 (Leopard).

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