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Review: This Week’s Top BlackBerry OS Games

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There are hundreds of Tetris clones out there, and for good reason: tetris was a revolutionary game, and unlocked a thousand possibilities for the future of puzzle games. Puzzle games have become an essential part of the mobile games industry, they work very well with the limited amount of directional and command keys on a phone, and have opened up a world of ideas.

Ka-Glom is one of these ideas that has come out of these thoughts, and put to good use.  Colored blocks fall in pairs, and have to be matched up. They can be put together in any orientation, as long as they’re directly connected. Two types of blocks fall: circular ones that connect, and square gems that act as explosives for when combinations are made.

It is a very fun and action-filled game for any user. It starts off slow, but it will have the player exercising his  fingers quite frantically as the blocks quickly build up. The game is very fun and difficult enough for avid gamers, but still easy enough to pick up when some free time is found. The game can be found at the App World and downloaded for free.

Rush Hour

Blocked Traffic

Here’s a great puzzle game for those feeling a little nostalgic. It takes up the same concept as the childhood learning game of the same style called Rush Hour.

The user is given a board with a grid of blocks with 2D cars that take up a certain number of these blocks. The aerial over-the-top view allows the user to select the cars, and move them however they need to, to unblock the path for one car to get out of the board.

It is a very fun and addicting game that can become fairly difficult. It works wonderfully, but doesn’t have any noticeable features. There’s no clock to keep track of the time, and thus obviously no way to upload scores. For those gamers who are a bit more competitive, this might be a bit of a downfall. For everybody else who is just looking for a decent game to play on occasion, Blocked Traffic is a perfect distraction.

There is a free version with limited maps, as well as a full version available for US$2.99 at the Blackberry App World.

Sudoku Lite BlackBerrySudoku Lite

The numbered puzzle game popularized in Japan is now available for all Blackberry users. For those who don’t know, Sudoku is a puzzle game with a board made up of nine large blocks, each containing nine smaller blocks. All of this is organized in a 3×3 manner. The purpose of the game is to put the numbers one through nine in each nine-blocked line (horizontal and vertical) and square, without repeating any digits. It’s addicting, calm, and fun.

With Sudoku Lite, the player can choose between three difficult levels: easy, hard, and extreme. For anyone who has ever played Sudoku, nothing new will be seen here, but that isn’t a bad thing.

The game times the user, and allows them to submit their scores online. For those who get stuck, there is a solve/hint feature, which allows for all types of help. The downside to using this feature is that it separates scores that use hints from those that used no help.

Overall, it is a terrific supply of Sudoku for those who want more than just the puzzle in their local paper. It is a free application available at the App World.

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