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RIM Making Changes for the BlackBerry Storm 2

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BlackBerry Storm 2 live imageONTARIO, Canada – There have been many reports and pictures surfacing over the web of the rumored Blackberry Storm 2. Crackberry and Engadget have posted pictures of dummy models and have leaked model numbers of the device. There has been no official statement from RIM as of yet, but the overwhelming amount of rumors point to the 9550 model being released late this year (October-November, according to the latest information).

The new model will seemingly be picking up Wi-Fi capability, which was probably the single biggest drawback of the first Storm. This is certainly good news for every BlackBerry user, but there is one piece of speculation that will bring up some controversy: the Storm’s intuitive SurePress technology-enabled screen was either the favorite or the least favorite feature for most Storm users. It was a terrific advantage the device had over other smartphones on the market, as it typically allowed much easier and more innovative typing on the device. This was supposed to help eliminate misspelled words, texting errors, and other problems often associated with typical capacitive touchscreens. From the looks of the photos, the new device will be abandoning the clickable touchscreen as well as the four main buttons on the front, and convert to a more conventional touchscreen.

The addition of Wi-Fi is definitely a major plus for all those planning on upgrading to the Storm 2, but some will surely miss the SurePress technology; while some found it quite useful, most users found it to feel too fragile and susceptible for other problems, such as light leakage. With only the addition of Wi-Fi and retraction of the clickable screen at the moment, there is little to speculate on what else the new device will feature.

For now you can buy the Blackberry Storm:

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Jul 20th, 2009 GMT +2


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