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Guide: How to hack S60 v5 phones

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nokia5800xpressmusic_2_lowresGLOBAL – Symbian S60 has evolved in great terms over a period of time. Each evolution brought different bouquets and brickbats. From a humble software found on Sendo, Siemens, and Nokia phones, it evolved to become one of the most-widely used operating system for phones. In fact, it virtually created the ‘smartphone’ segment.

Over the years, as competition has become fierce in this industry and technological leaps have taken place, S60 too has moved ahead and progressed. With the introduction of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic aka ‘Tube’, S60 evolved from S60 v3 to v5. This change in numbers might seem little, but in terms of what it allowed a smartphone user to do, expanded greatly. Still as is the case with all operating systems, people realized that more can be done.

Enter applications, when this wasn’t enough, it was the time to go under the hood of  S60 v5 and ‘mod’ it. Just like how cars are modified, the software is ‘hacked’ to make it do more than just what it is programmed to do.

Hacking S60 has become the only way to install unsigned applications and change a few settings. But there are risks of hacking a S60 v5 device: if not done properly, it can damage the device. All the forums that show how to hack a S60 v5 device post this warning first. But for all our readers who still feel that hacking is the way to get more out of their device, we have elaborated on the steps. There are a few methods to go about hacking an S60 v5 device.

Before you proceed Phone Report would like to warn you that hacking could damage your device. PhoneReport and its contributors are not accountable for any loss arising due to hacking.

Method 1 (from the Nokia 5800):

1. Download a file called FP2 HACK TEST and un-rar it.
2. Copy the folder “Hack” in to the root directory E:\
3. Sign the MapDrives.v1.00.Unsigned.sis by (you should have this certificate) 17 Caps Developers Certificate from O.P.D.A
4. Install HelloO.P.D.A_S60_3_X_v_1_0_0.sisx and MapDrives.v1.00.Unsigned_Signed.sisx
5. Run the MapDrives from the ‘Applications’ folder [after this, open X-plorer to find whether the “V” drive exists or not in the phone. Make sure to close X-plorer and run it again]
6. Remove the MapDrivers from the Application Manager
7. Run helloO.P.D.A Select Options –> RunUpdaterD
8. Install the updaterD.sisx
9. Now the 5800 is completely hacked.

While doing so please keep in mind that there is no ‘installserver.exe‘ available yet.

To download the files for this hack please visit this forum topic.

Method 2:

This method relies on HelloOX 1.02 to do everything. The steps involved are simpler to follow. Once again, this requires a 17 Capability Dev Certificate.

There are only two steps needed, the remaining two will allow you to do more.

1. Sign and install, then run MapDrives.Unsigned.sis
2. Sign and install, then run HelloOX.1.02.Unsigned.sis
3. Run HelloOX.
4. Remove HelloOX (if you wish to)

The detailed steps are given here in order for this hack to be implemented.

1. Unpack .exe files to E:\hack\sys\bin\
2. Map Drives
3. Install rootCerts
4. Install ROMPatcher
5. Apply open4all and ChangeSWIpolicyPath patches
6. Install Modo (optional)
7. Remove unnecessary files and mapped drives

Note: The Nokia 5800 does not have a working installserver.exe yet. However, ROMPatcher works on some of them. If ROMPatcher works, the ChangeSWIpolicyPath patch allows the installation to certain unsigned apps, otherwise please sign the apps with Leftup certificate and key pair.

In order to download this hack, please visit the Daily Mobile forum topic.

The following two videos will show you how to get started:



Hacking a S60 v5 device will definitely allow you install unsigned applications. But please keep in mind that this is a hack and therefore shall void your warranty completely.

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