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Guide: How to install the iPhone OS 3.0 on the iPhone

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GLOBAL – As announced at the WWDC ’09 last Monday, the iPhone OS 3.0 software will be  officially released on June 17th, but the OS is already available on torrents.

The version in circulation on the web is “7a341- golden master”, rumored to be the same version as the one due to be released this June 17th. However, users of unlocked iPhone 3G and earlier models need not to wait for the official launch, and can proceed with installation of OS 3.0, sourced from the world of torrents.

Please note that the following procedure can be used to install iPhone OS 3.0 on any iPhone, but doing so will void the warranty, and hence, it’s best tried on an unlocked/jailbroken iPhone.

The first step is to download a copy of iPhone OS 3.0, which can be found an almost every torrent engine. Once the download is complete, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes (v8.2) on your computer
  2. Backup your iPhone using iTunes to restore and sync data later on the new OS
  3. Download and install the Pwned version of the 2.2.1 iPhone OS from here (This step can be skipped if you are already running on Pwned v2.2.1)
  4. Using iTunes, connect the iPhone in DFU mode – hold both home and power button as the iPhone boots
  5. After connecting the device, look for the “Restore” button in iTunes
  6. Press <alt(Mac)>/<shift (Windows)>+<Restore> button selecting the disc image of the iPhone OS v2.2.1
  7. After restoring to iPhone v2.2.1, connect the iPhone to iTunes and look for the “Update” button
  8. Press <alt(Mac)>/<shift(Windows)> + <Update> and you will be prompted for the disc image of iPhone OS 3.0
  9. This should successfully install iPhone OS 3.0 and your device should remain unlocked

PhoneReport was not able to test this guide, which is an interpretation from FoneArena’s HOWTO. We are not responsible for any damage or legal action resultant to the owner of the iPhone, if this guide is followed.

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