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Review: This Week’s Top iPhone OS Software

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easy-cameraBest Camera Software: Easy Camera v1.0.0

Easy  Camera is an application which enables iPhone users to take photographs in a split second. The time lag between the moment capture button is tapped to the image being saved in the camera roll folder is less than a second.

The application adjusts the shutter speed of iPhone camera such that there is minimum lag between capture and save. This comes at the cost of image quality as there is not much time for image stabilisation and other processing features such as addition of date/time tag and GPS location data to the image captured.

The lack of image stabilisation is the biggest drawback for this application but it’s a small compromise considering the instantenous capture feature of the application. Blurry images can be avoided with a stable hand but there is no considerable improvement in the  image quality, largely owing to the fast shutter speed. With the present generation of iPhone sporting a below par 2 megapixel camera, there is no considerable loss of image quality, and Easy Camera can be expected to produce better results with better optics of iPhone 3G S.

Priced at US $ 0.99, Easy Camera delivers what it promises – instaneous image capture at the cost of image quality, but considering the price tag and the hardware limitations of the present iPhone camera, the application makes it to our list of top applications of the week.

skype3Best VoIP Client: Skype v1.0.1

Skype is the most popular VoIP client for computers today, and it’s only logical that it ported to one of the most successful smartphones in market today, iPhone.

The client brings all the major features of Skype to the iPhone: instant messaging, calls to skype contacts for free; and for other contacts, with pay-as-you-go credit or subscription service, depending on the skype subscription users wish to use.

One major glitch in this application is that calls cannot be made over 3G and EDGE, leaving only Wi-Fi as the connectivity option for making Skype calls from the iPhone. Instant messaging works irrespective of the data connection though, and as expected, Skype messages and calls are not counted as messages and voice usage for the iPhone subscription plan.

Users can add contacts, buy credit, update their status, and access their Skype voice mail from the iPhone client, making it a complete Skype application sans the video call service for iPhone.

Skype v1.0.1 can be used on both iPhone and iPod Touch (only IM and voicemail access due to lack of microphone), and it can be downloaded for free from the iTtunes App store.

topgun1Best Game: Top Gun

Thanks to Paramount Digital Entertainment and Freeverse, a classic air combat movies of the 80s is now available as a game on the iPhone.

Top Gun is an accelerometer-based games for iPhone, with the gameplay involving tilting the device for maneouvering the aircraft in order to avoid the designated “danger zones”. These zones are rectangular areas, which entering may lead to being shot down by the enemy planes.

Gameplay revolves around firing at the enemy aircrafts with a combination of unlimited guns and missiles, and dodging enemy attacks to reach the subsequent levels.

Top Gun is available for both iPhone and iPod Touch for US$2.99 at  theiTunes App store. With impressive graphics and gameplay, this is one of the most succesful adaptations of an action movie to a game on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform.

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