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Review: This Week’s Top S60 3rd-Edition Software

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Best Application: Google Mobile

Google Mobile is a Google client for S60 third edition devices offering Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, web albums, latest news, calendar, and of course, the Google search engine, all in one small application.

The application can be launched by a shortcut key, making it one of the fastest ways to start surfing internet on Symbian devices. The search engine offers suggestions as one types the search phrase, for that desktop-like experience.

Google Mobile can determine the location of the user (even in absence of GPS hardware) and offer location-based search results. With its range of services and fast accessibility, this is one of the best applications to have on a S60 third edition device, especially if the phone lacks a dedicated browser, this application offers the best internet experience on mobile devices.

Google Mobile can be downloaded for free from here.

Best Game: Dance Fabulous

Dance Fabulous is a game for Ngage-platform Nokia devices, which has been hyped in the news lately, and was launched ahead of its schedule.

One aspect that stands out in this game is the memory it occupies. At 30MB, it towers way above other Ngage games which are usually in the size range of 4-5 MB. The graphics, sound, and gameplay options do justify the massive load on memory though.

The best feature of Dance Fabuluous is that the users can make their dancer move to the tunes of their own music. The main idea behind this game is to dance with the best move that goes along with the music.

With its unlimited customization options and impressive graphics and sound, this game has the highest ratings on the N-gage platform and promises loads of fun on N-gage devices.

Dance Fabuluos is priced at €5 and can be downloaded from here

Best Theme: Pulsar by PiZero Design

Pulsar is the latest premium theme from PiZero Designs, and is one of the best works of PiZero to date.

The background and wallpaper can be considerd a perfect eye-candy with several hues of blue and red blending in perfectly, creating the glossy effect of a real pulsar on S60 devices.

The font size and colour is optimum at white for the primary fonts and black for the secondary, making it very easy to read and browse through one’s mobile, unlike other dark-hued themes which tend to overlook this aspect. The analogue clock with dark grey background, and the battery indication icon in pink blend in impressively well with the default wallpaper.

This theme works splendidly in both landscape and portrait modes, making it one of the best designed themes for Symbian devices. Pulsar is priced at € 3,99 and can either be bought at the Ovi store or from the PiZero website here

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