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Review: This Week’s Top S60 5th-edition applications

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scr0003811Best Mobile Browser: Opera Mini v4.2

Opera is one of the leading mobile browsers in the market today and it’s the only third-party internet browser available for S6o 5th edition devices. Opera Mini does have several advantages over the default Symbian browser.

The developer team at Opera Mini have got almost everything right with their v1.22 browser. The browser is miles ahead of the Symbian browser in terms of fullscreen browsing,  optimum font size, customisable skins, saving webpages, efficient history and bookmark management, keyword search, and support for both normal and mobile versions of a webpage. The ability to synchronize your Opera profile with Opera Mini makes bookmark management a lot easier. The only faux in Opera Mini v4.2 is the lack of support for videos, which the Opera team has promised to offer in their next upgrade.

The browser as a whole is very well designed, offering a faster,  more fluid internet browsing experience. The large font size and fullscreen browsing are a welcome change from tiny fonts and pseudo fullscreen browsing in the default Symbian browser (pseudo full screen as almost 30% of screen is reserved for the large soft touch buttons at the bottom in portrait mode and at the side in the landscape mode). With easier bookmark and history management, Opera Mini is the best mobile browser on this platform today.

Opera Mini v1.2 can be downloaded from their official website here.

Best Messaging solution: Free iSMS v1.02

The iPhone SMS interface is one of the most user-friendly features of iPhone, displaying SMS conversations in chat style interface. This makes it very convenient for keeping track of your conversation, especially when you are texting with more than one contact at the same time on different topics.

Free iSMS is an unsigned application developed by Junni Kokuki, an independamt Chinese developer. Since the application is still in its development stage, it’s an unsigned application. The application can be signed either by Symbian Signed or OPDA following the steps given here.

The application displays SMS in an impressive bubble style chat like interface which can be synchronised with the Symbian message inbox. In addition to providing chat like interface, the application provides some value-added features such as fake SMS, and SMS timer, making it a complete SMS application.

The only factor missing in this applicaiton is the support for smileys and the option of calling numbers directly from the SMS. iSMS can be downloaded for free from here.


Best Accounting Solution: JabpLite

JabpLite is a complete personal finance manager developed by Malcolm Bryant of FreePOC. It’s a Java MIDP-based application making it usable on several platforms.

The application is a very sophisticated personal finance manager offering a plethora of accounting features and terminologies in the interface. The FAQ section is pretty exhaustive and it can be accessed directly from the application.

The application supports setting up of multiple accounts of different types: checking, savings and credit card accounts for users to keep tab on their investments and expenses. It offers many customization options such as standing orders, which are periodic transactions of fixed amounts, etc., making it very easy to create a new transaction. If properly programmed, this application can be used as a standalone  passbook, displaying all your investments and expenses, as users can log every transaction into the program.

The interface of the application is something that needs a makeover, especially with the latest generation of Symbian phones sporting high resolution screens and graphics-rendering capabilities. In all, it’s a no-frills personal finance manager, which is not the easiest application to use, but once understood and programmed to suit the user’s transactions, it transforms itself in a very powerful and sophisticated accountant.

JabpLite can be downloaded for free from FreePOC here


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