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Review: This Week’s Top 3 Software for iPhone OS

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Best Twitter client: Twittelator Pro

Twittelator Pro is a complete Twitter client for iPhone, packing in so many features in one application that Leanna Lofte at The iPhone Blog feels that “it would take a book to review each and every feature… “.

The application has a very beautiful and easy-to-use design for an application interface. The client comes in three themes: Gradient, Dove, and Raven, each optimized for different lighting conditions.

In addition to providing basic tweet functions such as follow, unfollow, tweet, retweet, reply, private, email tweet; the client brings in some value added features, such as copy link and full screen viewing of  attached photos (with yFrog, Pikchur, TwitPic, MobyPicture, or twitgoo) , conversation view, copying a link to tweet, tweeting a link directly from Safari browser, support for multiple accounts, playing MP3 and video within the client itself,  viewing tweets of bookmarked tweeters, creating subgroups, etc.

At US$4.99, Twittelator Pro is a complete twitter client for iPhone with a feature set completely justifying the price tag.

Best Photo Editor: Photogene Photo Enhancer

Photo Enhancer is one of the best photo editors available on iPhone today, as it offers photo editing tools extending beyond filters. With the present iPhone 3G camera offering below-par results, especially in the low-lit conditions, this application will greatly enhance your iPhone photos.

The application offers only three filters: sharpen, pencil, and effect (sepia, night vision or infrared). The crop feature allows the user to crop the photos to a specific ratio (3:4, 9:16, etc). The actual pixel size of the cropped photo will be displayed, which is a very useful information while cropping photos.

This application can enhance photo quality by offering manual adjustments over exposure, contrast, saturation, and colour temperature at the actual RGB levels. There is an option for automated and manual adjustment for best colour image via the colour histogram.

The application can be used to add symbols such as stars, word ballons (with text), arrows, etc. (about 13 symbols in all) which can effectively be used to create a photo story. Photos can even be framed with a total of 15 designs to chose from.

The Photogene enhancer is a complete photo editing application for iPhone which offers real photo enhancement tools. At US$2.99, Photoenhancer enables one to overcome the hardware limitations of iPhone 3G. An upcoming iPhone is to be revealed soon, and rumours suggest that it will feature an improved camera.

Best Recorder App: iProRecorder

iProRecorder is a heavy duty recorder application for iPhones with an exhaustive feature-set, but it may be a little too complicated for light users.

The impressive feature-set of iProRecorder includes timed recording, appending on to the end of a recording, different playback speeds, different recording qualities, volume boosting for low volume recordings, categorizing recordings, etc.

One of the most impressive features of the app are the tools available immediately after a recording : classify it in a category, edit the title, add a photo to the description, and sending the recording via email.The Wi-Fi sync options allows one to seamlessly transfer the recordings to a PC/Mac, and the ability to hide specific memos from websharing ensures privacy.

The feature-set offered by this application is very impressive with abundant customisation options. Some of the cons are the inablity to edit recordings (such as cut and crop), small record button, and it takes too long to initiate a quick recording. However, at US$4.99, the iProRecorder offers more features than what can be expected for the given price tag.



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