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Review: This Week’s Top S60 3rd edition Software

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view_friends_tweetsBest free Twitter client: Tweets60 v1.22

Tweets60 v1.22 is one of the best free Twitter clients available for the S60 3rd edition platform today. Tweets60 allows users to “tweet” from their phones and is much easier and faster than “tweeting” from a mobile browser.

The client has a very well designed interface, with a multiline display showing photos, tweets, and the ability to directly follow the embedded link from “tweets”. Tweeted links can be opened in the default browser by simply selecting the tweet with an embedded link, and a popup will prompt to click on the link, which will subsequently be opened in the default browser.  

Most of the basic tweet operations: tweet, retweet, reply, direct message and follow, can be performed from the client.  Tweets60 is a very well designed free twitter client, which is very low on data and battery usage but it lacks some value added twitter features, such as support for multiple accounts, Twitter search, and tabbed view of tweets and replies. 

Tweets60 can be downloaded for free from here

worldtravellerBest Travel companion client: World Traveller v1.01

Psiloc just updated their World Travel companion to v1.01, which brings in a major makeover to the application compared to the previous versions. The latest version has the best designed user interface for a free travel companion application available on the S60 third edition platform today.

The new user interface has a very glossy feel and look to it, and is a major improvement over the previous version in the aesthetics department.

The client provides 5 day weather forecast to 2200 destinations across the world, simultaneous display of four digital/analogue clocks, currency converter rates updated daily with 186 exchange rates, and a moving 3D globe showing day and night zones on the world map.

The flight information plugin is yet to be updated for this version, and it can be expected to be a paid service.

The client as a whole is very well designed with one of the best user interfaces for a free application. There are few interesting  paid plugins on the line which offer premium services such as live flight information and travel plan, and one of the best features is the support for third party plugins.  

World Traveller v1.01 can be downloaded for free from here.

mobispace-talking-v2113-s60v3Best Alarm: MobiSpace Talking v2.11.3

MobiSpace Talking v2.11.3 is one of the most innovative alarm solutions for Symbian phones today. The application plays a prior set audio on turning the alarm OFF, thus reminding the users of important taks.

The application is synchronised with the built-in alarm application on the phone, and supports features such as multiple alarms and text to speech conversion (for alarm audio).

There is a feature called “high quality synthesis” which works only on a few high-end S60 3rd edition phones, which will play a very natural sound mimicking the alarm audio.

MobisSoft Talking is similar to talking-alarms, but the only difference being that this alarm works in tandem with the built-in alarm of the phone. This can be effectively used as a reminder for important tasks such as making that call to your secretary just before heading to a meeting to ensure that all the documents are in place for the meeting.

Mobisoft Talking v2.11.3 can be downloaded for free from here

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