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Review: This Week’s Top S60 5th edition Software

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nimbuzz-contacts-screenBest VoIP client: Nimbuzz

The number of applications providing VoIP services on S60 v5 is increasing by the day, but Nimbuzz is way ahead of the competition with a complete feature set for a VoIP client.

The client supports 14 SIP services and 16 networking sites, thus supporting every major SIP and IM service available on internet today.

The contacts screen is the pièce de résistance of the application, with a two-line display for name, profile photo,  status messages and an icon representing the IM client of the corresponding contact. Most of the other clients provided different screens for different IM clients, and almost none support status messages and profile photo.

There are some innovative feature, such as  instant image capture and share, file transfer and VoIP dialling directly from the contacts screen.

The client has four templates for instant chatting, and an option to edit these templates. With support for smileys, multiple chat sessions and intuitively designed icons, it provides complete IM solution for s60 v5 devices.

Another feature that makes it stand out among its competition is its widget, which users can embed on their blogs/websites, allowing anyone to contact them on Nimbuzz, via the Nimbuzz widget. The only cons with Nimbuzz are the need for signing up for a free Nimbuzz account (you need to trust Nimbuzz with your login information), higher data usage compared to other VoIP/IM clients for similar tasks and absence of video chat.

Nimbuzz can be downloaded for free from here

Best Multimedia application: Qik


Video sharing options in Qik

Video sharing options in Qik

Qik brings one feature that Nimbuzz missed out in their application: live video streaming from S60 v5 devices. Qik is a very well written application, synchronising a variety of networking services to stream, share and beam your videos online for free.

Users need to sign up for a free Qik account prior to use this application, which can be done directly from the application itself. After these customary settings, live streaming is as simple as opening this application on your devices and clicking stream. The application streams audio as well as video, and viewers can catch the stream online at username. Viewers can even interact with the streamer live from the Qik website during streaming, and the streamer will see a pop-up on the video capture screen, enabling the streamer to interact with viewers.

The Qik profile can be linked to YouTube and Twitter profiles, which will enable auto-upload of the stream to Youtube, and the video link will be “tweeted”, thus enabling the streamer to distribute the videos. The other options for video sharing are SMS (Qik link to friends) and uploading on Ovi. There is an option to embed Qik videos on websites, making Qik a complete video streaming solution.

Qik can be downloaded for free from the Ovi store.

Best GPS Application: PhoneLocator

scr000355PhoneLocator is an advanced real-time GPS tracking software for s60 v5 devices, and was a semi-finalist of the 2009 NAVTEQ Global Location Based Services challenge.

Prior to using this application one has to open a free account at PhoneLocator.

The application relies on GPS for tracking and will need data access to upload the location information to its servers. There are various innovative features on the application, such as “Intelligent update”, which will optimize data usage, and “battery save”, which turns the GPS receiver off when the signal is weak and/or when the device is stationary.

The users can track the trail of their device on a webpage of PhoneLocator, bringing real-time GPS tracking to laymen. This application can be effectively used to track your loved ones, and the option of embedding the trail on users’ websites definitely makes it one of the best GPS applications available for s60 v5 devices to this day.

PhoneLocator can be downloaded for free from here.

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