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€25,000 Nokia 1100s Being Bought to Hack Bank Accounts

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nokia-1100GLOBAL – The already discontinued Nokia 1100 is now being sold at amazing amounts of money. Some hackers and internet criminals are buying old Nokias 1100 in forums and internet communities for almost €25,000.

The reason why someone would buy an old phone that was no more than €100 when it first launched, for €25,000 is still a complete mystery; however, there are some clues pointing to illegal bank transfer and other bank related frauds, only allowed by the units fabricated in Nokia’s former Bochum factory, in Germany.


According to Ultrascan Advanced Global Investigations, the Nokia 1100 can be programmed to use persons’ phone numbers and steal their mTAN (mobile Transaction Authentication Number) to then plunder these persons’ bank acounts. Nokia states that the Nokia 1100 is not flawed at all, and they do not believe that the assumptions are completely true.

Amid the mistery, a Finish citizen has volunteered to send her own Nokia 1100 to Ultrascan so that they can uncover the problem: whether  the 1100 can be programed to use other persons’ phone numbers, or not.

Why some Nokia’s 1100 are being sold at €25,000 is still a mystery, there seems no logical reason and apparently the mystery is not getting solved, at least for now.

[via PC World]

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By , International Correspondent on Apr 22nd, 2009 GMT +2


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