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MWC: Neo 808i Review

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neo-808i-live-hands-on-imageBARCELONA, Spain – The Neo 808i is pretty much based on the same features as the Neo Ellipse, but as it was launched earlier, it is not as “technologically-able”.

Instead of having a 2 megapixel camera, it has one with 1.3, and instead of coming with a 1GB microSD memory card, it comes with a 256MB one, which is very low by today’s standards.

The 808i is based on an unconventional design, which is common from Neo. It first looks like a toy, which young girls would actually find cute, but it turns out to be a real phone, with a tiny 1.3″ display. The phone (or toy) comes in black and red, and pink and grey colour combinations.

In terms of specifications, the phone has Bluetooth, GPRS, and USB connectivity. There is a 1.3 megapixel camera as stated previously, MP3 and MP4 support, and FM Radio.


Unfortunately the device has a small 530mAh battery, which provides it with up to 100 minutes of talk time, the same as in the Ellipse.

The same software in which the Ellipse is based on, is also present on the 808i. Below is an overview of the menu.

From the front, the display and the keypad look as if they are not aligned properly. In a “normal” phone the display would be above the keyboard, and not beside it.

The earspeaker is also on the left side of the display, instead of being above it.

The speaker sits on a different colour plate to that of the display and the keyboard, although they are quite similar.


On the top side of the phone  there is a volume rocker, and a camera shutter button.


There is a large silver plate that runs throughout the phone, which could be used to hang the phone in a lanyard. Neo could just have opted for a conventional lanyard hole, but it seems that unconventional is the right word here.


The right side of the phone has two holes, possibly for unclipping the battery cover. There is also a microphone.


The back of the phone has the camera and speaker on the right side. Both are circular, and the speaker matches the phone’s predominant colour in this model, which is pink.


Along with the phone, a color coded knitted sock type cover and a color coded Lanyard neck strap are provided. The package also comes with a charger, USB cable, stereo headset, manual, and CD.

There is no doubt that the 808i should be bought for style purpose only. The phone lacks in advanced functions, and is the last device that power-uses would ever need.

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By , Editor-in-Chief, Johannesburg office

Published on Mar 12th, 2009 GMT +2


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