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T-Mobile and Dwyane Challenge You To Win 50k

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image0011T-Mobile USA is giving the opportunity to basketball fans to play HORSE with Dwyane Wade at the Eastern Conference Trials, and if a challenger beats Dwyane, he will win US$50.000.

T-Mobile calls it ”Shot of a Lifetime”, and registration starts on the 4th of March. T-Mobile customers could win a trip to the NBA 2009 Playoffs with all their 5 myFaves and the ”Shot of a Lifetime” where they would play against Dwyane for the grand prize.

Non-subscribers can also participate but as they do not have myFaves they would not get to travel with them to the NBA 2009 Playoffs as T-Mobile customers would.

The competition opens the 4th of March, now the question is: Will you get the shot of your life for 50k?

T-Mobile NBA Playoffs Competition

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By , International Correspondent on Feb 12th, 2009 GMT +2


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