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Samsung to Announce High-End Camera-Phone

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2477Rumors suggest that Samsung has something hidden in its sleeve for the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona. This phone from Samsung could be the first phone with a 8 megapixel camera and xenon flash, a combination that is irresistible to photo-lovers.

The rumors are not confirmed, but there have been leaked pictures from a camera phone similar to the Pixon, where a 8 megapixel sensor can be seen next to a xenon flash.

The phone is touch screen enabled and can possibly be a high end device supporting most mobile standard technologies such as GPS, HSDPA, and Wi-Fi. On its form factor we cannot see any improvements or remarkable aspects, just a regular touch screen handset without innovative designs.

What is unclear about this phone is if it will be only available in Asia or if it will reach the North American market and the European market. The touch screen-enabled phone is still under its code name ”Haptic3” and all we have is the picture, alhtough it is very likely that Samsung will announce this phone the 16th of February at the Mobile World Congress to fight back other manufacturer’s flagships such as the upcoming Nokia N97 from Nokia.

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By , International Correspondent on Jan 20th, 2009 GMT +2


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