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T-Mobile G1 Review: Connectivity

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102_0489-desktop-resolutionSmartphones are all about connectivity, one of the basic and main function of a smartphone is to connect to everything so that the user can communicate through the device. In this chapter of the G1 review we will have a look at the G1’s connectivity abilities.

The T-Mobile G1 was not only the first device with the Google Android OS, it is also one of the first devices running on the new T-Mobile USA 3G National Network.

To connect  to the 3G network, the G1 uses AWS over the 2100MHz spectrum to upload, and the 1700mHz spectrum to download, it is not a very common system.

In order to test the T-Mobile G1’s  internet speed, I compared it to the Blackberry Storm (Verizon Wireless), and to the Nokia E71 (AT&T). The G1 was in the last place.

The G1 does not only have 3G as fast data bearer, it also has Wi-Fi to connect to WLAN networks and the T-Mobile’s service hotspot@home. The WLAN capabilities on smartphones are pretty much standard on today’s market, but there are some competitors that lack this feature, such as the Storm 9530 from Verizon.  Overall connectivity and browsing over Wi-Fi is very easy with the G1, everything is well integrated and user friendly. It is an important feature that the G1 could not miss.

The G1 also has GPS, which allows a user locate himself over the globe, and has many other uses, not only mapping as one would think. For example, the GPS lets the phone change the ringer profile depending on the current location, it also integrates with online social communities and other 3rd party applications found at the Android Market. The bad aspect about the G1’s GPS is that it drains the battery very fast, and generally users are forced to switch it off.


Bluetooth is also on-board, but same as in the iPhone, it is also completely restricted to headset support. No file transfer or syncing with computers.  This is a big disadvantage because file sharing is a popular task among smartphone users.

There are other options such as  email, IM, SMS, MMS, and services offered by 3rd part applications, but Bluetooth is still the most comfortable way to share information between phones and computers.

The G1 is a well-connected device, has all standard connectivity methods and each of them are well integrated, the Bluetooth is the only problem when connectivity is related.

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By , International Correspondent on Jan 29th, 2009 GMT +2


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