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Sony Ericsson Employee Steals Prototypes

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sony-ericsson-gets-stolenA Sony-Ericsson employee was arrested and taken into custody this past Wednesday when the police received information pointing to the house of the employee, where they found Sony Ericsson phones worth a total of  750,ooo Swedish Kronor (US$90,000).

The theft took place sometime between Monday and Tuesday at the Central Sony Ericsson labs at Sweden, the intentions of the theft are not specified, but there is a strong argument about the employee looking for Sony Ericsson competitors to buy the handsets.

Chris Hazelton the Research Director of the 451 group said that no manufacturer would be interested in buying these phones, so no conclusions can be drawn. Normally the employees leak pictures to the internet but this is not the case since there are no pictures of the stolen phones.

The suspect is still in custody and neither the police nor Sony Ericsson are giving details to press.

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By , International Correspondent on Jan 17th, 2009 GMT +2


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