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Apple Will Overtake Nokia’s Leadership by 2013

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apple-iphone-3g-in-mail-press-pictureThe mobile industry is currently lead by the Finnish manufacturer Nokia,whom possesses over 40% of the global market share. There is no other company with the influence and control that  Nokia has over the market, but according to a UK-based market analysis firm, North-American Apple Computer, which is not originally a smartphone manufacturer could take over Nokia’s leadership by the year 2013.

According to Generator Research, Apple will have 40% of market share while Nokia would be reduced to 20%.

The study is based on the influence that Apple services have over the market, including the popular iTunes Music Platform,  more than the devices that will be offered by the two manufacturers.  Andrew Sheehe, head of the UK Market-Analyst office said “Our analysis is that the iPhone and App Store constitute a vertical platform for the delivery of advanced mobile services that will be developed in a similar manner to how Apple developed its digital music platform, which included the iPod and the iTunes Music Store.”  The study also mentioned that Apple Inc. has more than$25 billion on the bank and earns gross margins of 33%, therefore Apple can pounce on the phone market while current phone manufacturers bounce back on their product development.

The  hypothesis that  this market-analyst is stating is a bit exaggerated and can be easily marked as an assumption since only 16% of Nokia handsets shipped on the 1st quarter of 2008 were smartphones, the other 84% of handsets shipped were non-smartphones, a segment  in which Apple still does not compete. By stating that Apple Inc. will take over Nokia’s market share by 2013, the UK market-analysts are also assuming that Apple would start on the non-smartphone segment, a factor that can not be determined, therefore the whole statement falls.

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By , International Correspondent on Jan 17th, 2009 GMT +2


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