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Nokia E63 NAM heads to the USA

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Today att the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nokia presented the QWERTY-equipped E63 NAM version, an optimized version for the US market, which will allow consumers from North America to be able to use this phone with 3G speeds in countries such as Canada, USA and Mexico.

This device follows the success of the E71, as it has the same form-factor but with low-cost materials. It will be sold for US$279 at a retail price, making it affordable for a larger quantity of customers.

This decision by Nokia was expected because they needed to keep on with the success of the E71, the E63 is an almost identical copy of the high-end device but affordable to much more people. I witnessed that success in Mexico City, where the Nokia Flagship Store in downtown Mexico City was out of stock for several weeks even though  it is being sold for around US$630. If the E63 comes at half the price of the E71 with the same features, it will have good, if not better sales, especially in Latin American countries where the economy is not that good.

Nokia released the E63 in response to the great sales and success of the E71. It has the same form-factor, a bigger QWERTY keyboard, and it is made with low-cost materials such as plastic and other polymers making it  cheaper but with the same quality as the E71.

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Messaging made simple – the Nokia E63 heads to the United States
January 08, 2009

This affordable QWERTY smartphone to be made available with US 3G optimization
Las Vegas, NV, USA – At the Consumer Electronics Show today, Nokia announced it will bring a US optimized version of the Nokia E63 to the North American market. The Nokia E63 will be available in the coming weeks for the estimated retail price of USD 279.00 allowing consumers the ability to own this great messaging device for an affordable price.
“Consumers have stated loud and clear that there is a demand for devices with a QWERTY form factor that are optimized for the United States,” said Alessandro Lamanna, Vice President of Sales, Retail, Nokia Americas. “Building on the success of the award winning Nokia E71, Nokia E63 brings a fully featured QWERTY smartphone to an entry level pricepoint.”
The Nokia E63 combines a QWERTY keypad, 3G network speeds and the mature open source operating system Symbian S60 3rd Edition, allowing consumers the ability to download third party applications, choosing from thousands, to customize their device however they’d like. With a variety of services and applications to choose from, the Nokia E63 is more than just a QWERTY smartphone – it’s a computer in the palm of the hand.
The Nokia E63 also comes with the ability to switch modes with the press of a button – allowing consumers to customize two separate home screens, one for work and one for play. Each home screen can be personalized with their favorite applications including a digital music player, video player, camera functionality, games, corporate or personal email including Mail for Exchange, Lotus Notes and a variety of standard consumer ISPs.  A full HTML browser with Flash support rounds out the feature set of the Nokia E63, letting consumers check their favorite websites, blogs and social networks.
The Nokia E63 also comes with a Files on Ovi subscription of 1GB of online file storage for free. Files on Ovi is a service where people can get remote access to their PC files even when their computer is offline. The “Anytime Files” feature provides the user the opportunity to keep the most current version of each file synchronized so that it is available to be accessed by a remote device. For more on Nokia’s suite of services, visit:
The Nokia E63 will be available in ruby red or ultramarine blue and purchased unlocked through various retail channels in the United States including, Nokia Flagship Stores in New York and Chicago as well as a number of independent retailers and e-tailers.
Press materials and photos can be found at

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