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Where are Nokia camera-phones going in 2009?

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The Guru at Symbian Guru wrote about the features of camera-phones and what do they need in order to become better and more competitive against digital cameras. He specifically mentioned S60 camera-phones and where they’re heading for the next year.

Ricky Cadden wished to see what Nokia is doing to improve the features of these devices and what we could expect for 2009, so that’s what he asked at Nokia World event held in Barcelona, late last year.

He mentions three main aspects that are important for these devices: Speed, Sharing, and Quality.

The first two aspects have been already covered by Nokia in a great way. Speed is getting better with every phone that Nokia releases. What end-users want is the reduction of the lag between pressing the picture button and the picture taken (I hate having to smile for a long time when the phone takes a lot of time to take a picture). With the N82, Nokia has improved this aspect notably.

Sharing is an aspect that has evolved every month, especially nowadays that you can upload the picture you just took to your favorite social network or photo-sharing site such as Ovi, Flickr, among others. I have used this service before and it is really easy to use and fast at uploading.

Finally, quality is something that every camera-phone user complains about. Even the best camera-phones in the market have quality problems when compared to a digital camera. That is what manufacturers have to improve if they want to satisfy camera-phone consumers during the next year.

We have to realize that every mid to high-end phone comes with a camera, so the one with the best features, such as digital image stabilization, facial recognition, and red-eye reduction, and quality  will be the consumer-favorite for the next year.

I agree with the Guru in the sense that Nokia may improve the overall quality, speed, and sharing features of its camera-phones in order to satisfy more customers and become a competitive company in terms of these kind of devices.

[Source: Symbian-Guru]

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