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Rumors of an iPhone Nano Keep Growing

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MacRumors and other Apple-devoted sites have been publishing rumors about an iPhone nano for many months now. Case manufacturers such as XSKN have leaked iPhone nano cases which make us believe that these rumors could be true.

XSKN has been leaking cases of unreleased devices since the iPhone 3G was presented as well as with the iPod nano 4G cases, before it showed up at Apple’s well-known keynote events.

We should keep an eye to what XSKN leaks because they have proven to be right when rumors of new Apple products emerge. There has been no official word from Apple about these rumors nor specifications about the iPhone Nano have leaked.

We expect that Apple has something to say about this at the next Macworld event, even though it was announced last week that Steve Jobs will not speak at the traditional keynotes, which makes rumors on his own illness grow too.

Apple has been introducing new products and product upgrades at the famous Macworld events and keynote presentations, which include devices such as the iPhone, the iPod, the MacBook Air, as well as their variants such as the iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G among others.

[via:MacRumors, AppleInsider]

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