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Blackberry 9500 Storm Review: Camera

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The Storm is the Blackberry with the most megapixel count of all other Blackberries. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera with AutoFocus and LED Flash.

The camera is an important feature in any multimedia phone, and as the Storm is supposed to be a multimedia phone according to RIM, it has to include at least an average camera for occasional photo shooting.

In this part of the Blackberry Storm review we will explore the Storm’s camera, and we will see if the Storm does a good job or if it is just there so that the specifications look appealing to customers. I divided the camera review in two sections, pictures taken at night, and pictures taken with in the sun light. Inside those categories we will of course see different object distances and lighting conditions, we will begin with the pictures I captured at night.

Night Pictures

The Storm has a standard LED flash, although it is a LED flash. I have to say that the LED lights pretty well, even more than other similar phones such as the E71. Here are 4 pictures taken completely without lightning. The Storm’s Flash was the only thing providing the lightning.

This was a close shot, the Storm did a pretty good job lightning the object and then taking the shoot. The Storm does a great job trying to localize the objective so it can focus. When I soft press the camera button the Flash turns ON and the Storm leaves it ON until the Auto-Focus completed focusing.

In this shoot the object was slightly farther away, the Storm again turned the Flash ON until the Auto-Focus finished focusing. Here we see a shot full of noise, definitevely not a good one.

This object was even farther away from the last one, the only visible objects are the 4 branches of the tree. Not a good shot taken by the Storm.

In this distance we can’t see anything, the objective was too far away. In conclusion the Storm takes nice macro shots at night, but with longer objects it won’t do a nice job.

Day Pictures

I took this pictures during daylight, I took macro pictures and normal pictures.  Here is how the Storm takes macro pictures.

Here the Storm took a nice macro picture. I usually use the macro feature to take pictures of notes, pictures , and other uses where a scanner would be needed. I have to say that the Storm does a wonderful job with the macro mode, the Auto-Focus always gets a clear shot. I felt that the Storm is very sensible to movement.

The Storm took nice pictures of these three supercars. The Auto-Focus worked very well. The problem with these pictures is that they need more color. For example, the Ferrari in the first picture was more ”red” . The red color that the Storm shows is not the same as the real one. Same with the other two cars, they have both a stronger color in reality, than the Storm shows they have.

Blackberry Storm
Motorola ZN5
Motorola ZN5

I took this pictures to show how sensible the Blackberry Storm is to movement compared to the Motorola ZN5, which has a 5 megapixel camera. We can see that the Storm shot is way more distorted than the ZN5 shot.

In conclusion the Blackberry Storm is an average shooter. The quality of its pictures is slightly above average, nothing extraordinary or impressive. The Storm’s camera is there for occasional photo shooting, it will produce nice results but not extraordinary results.

The main problem I see in the Storm’s camera is that it is very sensible to movement, I had to literally stop breathing and hold the Storm with two hands to get a clear shot, the Storm is just way too sensible. The color is also pale, all the pictures I took have a pale look and they don’t reflect the original colors that the object had.

The Storm is an average shooter, as simple as that.

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By , International Correspondent on Dec 26th, 2008 GMT +2


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