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Student helps increase battery life by 12 times

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Atif Shamim, on the right

Atif Shamim, a PhD student at Carleton University, developed a wireless connector that was said to get mobiles to use up to 12 times less energy, and thereby increasing the life expectancy of a battery.

However, technical details behind this creation are very complex, but in general words, a packing technique has been designed so that all the wires and circuits connecting to the antenna will not be needed anymore. Moreover, the connection is to be implemented by means of a wireless connector, which saves up a more than a significant amount of battery energy.

Shamim declared that “This has not been tried before — that the circuits are connected to the antenna wirelessly. They’ve been connected through wires and a bunch of other components. That’s where the power gets lost.”

When it came down to his interest in the iPhone, Shamim also stated that “It’s a common problem. There are so many applications in the iPhone, it’s like a power-sucking machine.” When the iPhone implements this technology, the price for switching each of its products with these wireless connectors will be of $89 plus an extra $10 for shipping to Canada.

Besides Shamim, Mr. Arsalan and David Nadeau have also been congratulated for their contribution to the development of the connector.

[via justamp, Carleton]

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By , International Correspondent on Dec 22nd, 2008 GMT +2


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