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First Micro Projector Now Shipping

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Today the American Company 3M released the first ”Pico Projector” to the public. It measures an astonishing 11.43cm x 5.08cm x 11.43cm and can project a VGA  (640×480 pixels) 50-Inch image for 60 Minutes until its battery drains.  The Mpro 110 will be available from this month at a suggested price of US$359.00.

The MPro110 is compatible with a wide range of portable devices such as camcorders, digital cameras, laptops and luckily Mobile Phones with TV-OUT such the N95, MotoZN5, N96 to name a few.

We can only imagine the possibilities that the Mpro110 could bring to Mobile Devices, users will no longer be restricted to the phone screen. Imagine browsing the internet on a 50” inch display just from your mobile phone and a small projector, or showing pictures and videos to friends and family, or giving a business presentation with just two devices that fit in a pocket. This new technology breaks the only limit that a smartphone has to become a mobile computer, the size of the screen.

I was expecting the first Pico Projector to come at a high price, maybe in the US$800’s. But this technology came at a relative low price, US$350 for a revolutionary piece of technology. This is one of the first production models, meaning that in the future more affordable micro projectors will be produced.

Press release:

LONDON, Ontario–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today’s busy lifestyles demand devices that keep pace. Technology is continually changing – striving to make communication easier for today’s mobile professional. From phones with full spectrum Internet and e-mail capabilities to laptops with portable DVD-player-sized screens, there is an ever-increasing array of options. Yet, until now, projection technology has remained relegated to conference rooms. 3M, a leader in projection technology for more than 40 years, is about to change that. Bridging the gap between portability and practicality, the company is introducing 3M MPro110, a handheld digital projector designed for business, entertainment and versatile field applications.

“The MPro110 takes the power of projection from the board room to any room,” said Mark Colin, General Manager, 3M Projection Systems Department. “This development continues 3M’s long history as a global leader in both innovation and advanced projection display technology.”

Employing advanced optical technology, the MPro110 weighs less than a pound and is roughly the size of a digital camera. When attached to a video capable pass-through device such as a laptop computer, DVD or MP3 player or handheld video game the MPro110 projects up to a 50-inch still or video with true VGA resolution, no-speckle and a high-fill factor. Each unit uses an advanced liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) electronic imager in conjunction with proprietary 3M optics technology. A LED light source makes the MPro110 unusually quiet with no need for the hassle of replacing bulbs. Additionally, the MPro110 is currently the only handheld projector on the market with an integrated VGA input.

The 3M MPro110 is available for purchase, in Canada, at office and audio visual retailers and computer resellers.

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By , International Correspondent on Nov 12th, 2008 GMT +2


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