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Motorola is now Second to Samsung in the USA

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Motorola held the number one vendor title in the USA until this quarter, but now the South Korean manufacturer Samsung has the biggest marketshare in the North American market.

According to Bonny Joy, Samsung shipped 47.4 million units this quarter, making Samsung the strongest handset manufacturer in the USA with a total market share of 22.4%.   Motorola lost the leading position due to the current financial crisis that the company is facing, Motorola just registered a US$396m deficit for the current quarter and will  continue cutting more jobs than it already has.

In the global market picture, Samsung is the second largest handset manufacturer after Nokia, Samsung holds a 16.6% of global market share, while the Finnish giant holds the 37% of the whole global market.  Nokia still has the lead title on global market share, but competitors such as RIM and Apple are gaining territory and managed to cut 13% of the Nokia market share from one year ago, in which Nokia had 51%, now it is reduced to 37%.

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By , International Correspondent on Nov 7th, 2008 GMT +2


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