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Nokias to have built-in projectors by 2009

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Today CKing officially launched to the market the first phone with built-in projector.  The Chinese phone can project a 30-inch 640×480 screen on any surface for two hours until the battery drains down.

Although it sounds very appealing and I am sure you already imagined yourself browsing the internet or showing pictures to friends on a 30” display with 640×480 pixels of resolution, the CKing is a ”Made in China” phone, its GSM dual band will disappoint most of the users and its exact copy of the IPhone UI is  just another proof it is a low-quality cheap phone.  It might be a great advantage to have a projector in your pocket, but GPRS speeds and the 1 megapixel camera will not convince anyone to pay 350USD for the CKing.  I

Inevitably the CKing makes me think ”If this Chinese company was able to launch a projector phone, when will important manufacturers do the same?”

Currently Texas Instruments, 3M and Young Optics have pico projectors which could fit into a phone.  Samsung also showed a couple of months ago the MBP-100, which is a Bluetooth pico projector about the same size of a phone.  It is just matter of time until we see a Samsung with a built-in projector, or maybe a Nokia or Motorola with built in projectors.

According to Tero Ojanperä, Nokia’s chief technology officer, this will be possible by 2009, he stated 2 years ago that “If you come to Amsterdam, you might film some tulip fields in HDTV video, and then later go to a friend’s house and show those videos projected onto the wall, using the projector that’s been integrated within your device. All of this will be possible within three years,” during an interview at Nokia World 2006.

Does this mean that we will see a phone with a built-in projector produced by the top manufacturer during next year? It is well known that the mobile industry moves on a cycle of 2 years.  2007 we saw the glorious N95, the also great E90 and the N82. This year also saw great devices such as the N85 and E71, but nothing new or revolutionary as the N95 was on 2007.  According to this cycle and Tero Ojanperä, 2009 will be an exciting year for the mobile industry.

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By , International Correspondent on Oct 30th, 2008 GMT +2


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