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Fring and Mobikom Austria to offer VoIP

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Fring has partnered up with Mobikom Austria to bring a mobile VoIP and mobile internet community application to the network operator’s consumers. Fring is a well-known Instant Messaging communication provider, and Mobikom is Austria’s leading mobile network operator.

The network operator will offer Fring’s dedicated open application to its consumers on the A1 plan, and will allow them to talk, chat and interact with each other and all of their online communities,as well as access mobile web applications.

The deal will be divided in two phases: in Phase 1, A1 over IP will be implemented in Fring’s SIP service, while in Phase 2, the Fring application will be built-in a large number of devices and provide voice over IP, instant messaging, real-time presence/availability indication, file transfer and access to fring’s new always-on mobile internet applications to users.

Press release after the break.

LONDON, October 21st 2008, fring and Austria’s leading mobile network operator, mobilkom austria with its well known product brand A1, announced today the first ever deployment of fring’s mobile VoIP and mobile internet community application for a Tier 1 network operator.

Under the agreement, mobilkom austria will give its customers access to a dedicated version of the fring mobile client, containing fring’s entire open-platform, feature-rich suite of internet based mobile communications & community services, allowing A1 over IP users to talk, chat and interact with each other & all of their online communities, and access fun mobile web applications, using the internet connection capability of their mobile device.

In Phase 1 of the project, the A1 over IP service will be integrated into fring’s SIP service, offering fring users the opportunity of using A1 over IP accounts and also the ability to configure their A1 over IP accounts to work within fring.

Phase 2 will see a fring application being built into mobilkom austria’s mobile offering and pre installed onto a large number of mobile devices.  This will comprise fring’s entire feature set of voice over IP, instant messaging, real-time presence / availability indication, file transfer and access to fring’s new always-on mobile internet applications (fring Add-ons)

A broader set of A1 products and features will also be integrated into fring at this time, providing a true convergence of residential and mobile SIP telephony, mobile community and mobile internet provision.

mobilkom austria customers will now be able to enjoy taking all of their favorite internet communities mobile and effectively enables a new mobile community to be built around the A1 brand.

This is a major development for the mobile industry in general and an important strategic step for fring, demonstrating its leadership position in the mobile internet communication and community space.

It exemplifies the company’s vision of an open mobile communications environment in which new forms of technology and user experience complement the traditional, and the end user is provided with the freedom to choose from a wide range of options, enabling him to conduct his mobile life in the way that best fits his lifestyle and needs.

Avi Shechter, fring’s co-founder and CEO commented: “Today’s announcement by fring and its new partner, mobilkom austria, represents just the beginning of a sea change in the relationship between mobile VoIP and traditional mobile carriers.

“It demonstrates a recognition by a leading operator that mobile internet based communications and community are a valuable and integral part of their current and future eco system. fring has excellent relationships with a number of global mobile network operators, and we are all working hard to fully realize the opportunity that mobile internet represents for all of us, exploring its position in the value chain and the benefit it delivers in terms of rich, always-on mobile web experiences for our users.”

Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter, CMO mobilkom austria and CMO Telekom Austria TA said: “Internet services and mobile communications will increasingly grow together in the future. We were very early to adopt the international SIP standard. Through the partnership with fring we can demonstrate today how the two worlds will merge in the future.”

The agreement will also see fring & mobilkom austria working closely together to distribute and market the new products via a number of initiatives including pre-installation on handsets, a dedicated landing web page, promotion via the fring German-speaking blog, joint media announcements and online activity will publicize the product.

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By , Editor-in-Chief, Johannesburg office

Published on Oct 25th, 2008 GMT +2


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