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Nokia Siemens opens research centre in Colombia

Share Button Nokia Siemens Networks Corporation announced that the company will open a research centre in Colombia, the second largest operation in the continent after the giant Brazil.

The research lab has its completion scheduled for the Q3 of 2009 in the city of Bogotá, Capital city of Colombia. Raúl Romero, president of the operation in Colombia explained that this is the first development centre of this type in the American continent, and the third one in the world after the labs in India and Germany. The research centre will cover the implementation of their services in South America, said the Romero. Siemens Networks is working on mobile TV DVB-H services and 4G (Long Term Evolution). 4G, or LTE, is the next generation of communication. 4G offers speeds of 300MB/s, which is 150 times faster than a standard 3G Network.

LTE is expected to be nominated as a standard in December of 2008. Currently there are 60 carriers waiting to implement and expand a LTE Network with Nokia Siemens Network Corp.

The DVB-H technology offers TV broadcasting to handsets such as the Nokia N92, Nokia N77, and more recently, to the  Nokia N96. Although the DVB-H coverage is poor at the moment, many countries adopted DVB-H. The European Union chose the DVB-H standard as the mobile TV broadcasting standard, and most countries in South America also chose DVB-H as their standard mobile TV technology. The United States choose DVB-SH as their standard, and few months ago, the country launched a satellite to start  DVB-SH transmissions on 2010.

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By , International Correspondent on Oct 18th, 2008 GMT +2


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