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Nokia N95 8GB Review – Introduction

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The most popular phone among Nokia’s Portfolio is undoubtedly the  N95 Classic (N95-1). It set a milestone in the mobile industry and opened the door of innovation.

Eight months later Nokia launched a second version of the Original N95, the N95 8GB. This new version included improvements over the N95 Classic and added new features on the long list of the first N95.

Although he N95 8GB is supposed to be better in terms of specifications, Nokia made sure there were some differences between them, so that the N95 Classic did not loose sales. To name a few, the camera is better in the Original N95 but the horrible battery life in it is beaten by the much long lasting battery on the N95 8GB. Although the larger battery capacity on the N95 8GB might sound better, this addition compromised the camera lens cover which did not have space with a physically bigger battery. Many people still go for the N95 Classic because of its lens cover protector, which assures peace of mind as your pictures won’t come defective owing to the small potential scratch over the N95 9GB’s unprotected lens.

Another improved feature on the N95 8GB was the amount of RAM over the original N95, the users reported the original N95 went out of ram with 3 applications open and it booted again in early software versions. The new and improved N95 8GB solved this problem completely by adding exactly double amount of RAM. As you can see, these two devices generated a lot of discussions amongst N95 Classic fans and N95 8GB fans. Personally I am a N95 8GB fan.

The N95 held the flagship status until the N95 8GB arrived, and the same happened when the N96 arrived and stole the flagship status from the N95 8GB, it generated a lot of discussions between each phones’ base of fans.

Main differences between the two Flagships of Nokia’s Portfolio are the  newer and updated S60 FP2 on the N96, the 16GB memory and the DVB-H which does not make a difference for most of potential buyers.

On the other hand the N95 8GB flagship offers a much reasonable price, and for most people, 8GB are enough. The battery life is a pro on the N95 8GB’s side. According to official specifications, the N96 will hold a charge in standby-mode for 220Hours while the N95 8GB will hold it for 280Hours.

The processor of both machines are completely different, the N96’s processor runs at 264Mhz while the N95 8GB’s processor runs at 332Mhz.

A very curious decision Nokia took while the N96 was in development, is not including the Hardware Graphics Accelerator on the N96, that both N95 Classic and N95 8GB have. The Hardware Graphics Accelerator is fundamental while playing games on the device, therefore the N95 8GB offers a better gaming experience. A really curious decision… Logic would say it should have both a better processor and a better graphical chip,  but it has the exact opposite.  There is no doubt that the N95 8GB has its special capabilities, it is an amazing phone which captivated many people.

Is the N95 8GB a good phone, that can offer a good experience to the user?  Stay tuned, by subscribing to the RSS feed, as in the next days we will bring you a complete review about one of the greatest Nokia phones ever made.

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By , International Correspondent on Oct 18th, 2008 GMT +2


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