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New Campaign by Nokia, what will it be?

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Today Nokia launched a new campaign.¬† It is called ”MY PHONE KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT ME”.

The site does not provide much information, it has a creative introduction in it portrays  individuals that are having problems in their due to the fact that other individuals checked their phones, because their phones know everything about them.

So the question that the campaign suggests is ”My phone knows everything about me. If you found my phone, would you look through it?”

After the intro a mid-range Nokia appears and it says the phone will unlock by 8PM on October 13 Eastern Time. So what will it be? A new service, a new application? A new Phone?

In the mean time you can visit it at and check Anna’s, Jade’s and Lucas’s Facebook profiles.

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By , International Correspondent on Oct 11th, 2008 GMT +2


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