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Review: Nokia SU-8W Bluetooth Keyboard

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Accessories are great, don’t you think? They complement the device and expand its usability. Whether if it is a headset, or a memory card, they make powerful smartphones much better. I will bring you a review of one of the most exciting accessories to date in my opinion, the Bluetooth Portable Keyboard from Nokia, the SU-8W.

Ever since smartphones acquired computer capabilities, a complete QWERTY portable keyboard and a smartphone are a better choice for those people who just need to complete basic tasks while on-the-go such as browsing, word processing and e-mailing. Smartphones have some strong points that make them better on-the-go than a laptop, for example, smartphones can be always connected to the internet via EDGE or 3G, while most computers cannot, and also, battery life is almost thrice as effective as a laptop computer, and of course, a smartphone’s portability is a winner here.


The SU-8W is a combination of high quality plastic and light stainless steel. The entire device is solid, no creaks or loose hinges. The SU-8W is powered by two 2AAA batteries, but as the old proverb says ”you must not judge a book by its cover”, the same applies to these small AAA batteries, that proved to last much longer than one would expect, judging by their size.

When you open the SU-8W you will see a complete QWERTY keyboard, the yin-yang S60 button to access the menu and a dedicated Messaging key. The buttons are just like a normal laptop keys, I would say a bit smaller but you will find yourself typing at great speeds soon after you type for the first time. In the left upper side when the keyboard is open, there is a small stand that fits all supported Nokia phones, you can make it bigger, smaller, more inclined or less inclined, it is an useful accessory by itself apart of the keyboard, you can stand your phone to watch a movie, or put it in your night table to act as an alarm clock, or you can just leave the phone in the stand on your desk. The stand is removable from the keyboard, for those who already have the SU-8W, the instructions don’t mention it, but you can actually separate the stand from the keyboard and use the stand for the examples mentioned above. To separate them just pop it out faster than you normally do and it will release completely.


As I said before, smartphones have computer capabilities, so a QWERTY keyboard will enhance the experience while browsing, texting and email-ing.

If you have a Nokia Nseries phone with the TV-OUT functionality you can convert your phone into a desktop computer. Just plug it to the TV, connect the SU-8W, and you will have a close-to-desktop experience.

When travelling it is also a great solution, less weight, but not less fun nor less productive.


The SU-8W is a great complement to a phone, it is an useful accessory that will change the way you use your smartphone, for travelling, on-the-go computing, or just to have fun and text friends and loved ones, the SU-8W is a great solution.

Advantages: Small, very portable; excellent build quality; useful stand; Auto-connect; Great support from Nokia as new phones have built-in support for the keyboard.

Disadvantages: Not re-chargeable; lacks compatibility with non-Nokia phones.

Rating 9.5/10

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By , International Correspondent on Oct 11th, 2008 GMT +2


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