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Review: Islamic Live Wallpapers Gallery in HD for Android

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Islam Live Wallpapers HD is a recently-announced app that a firm of Portuguese developers, ScreensPRO, built for Android. It features several famous Islamic spots such as mosques and other holy places. Most of the collection contains 3D re-creations and designs simulating those spaces, but there are also some real live Islamic wallpapers.

Screenshot_2014-07-02-16-26-07 (Copy)

Muslim users should grab this app, as it’s free and it is available at the Play Store). Users can download from the link below:

In a conversation with the authors they have revealed that a new collection of live Islamic wallpapers will be uploaded in August featuring both Makkah and Madinah sacred places and live wallpapers of the pilgrimages.

Users can apply the Islamic live wallpapers on Android devices via the Play Store, Windows and Mac via the application. Below is a video showcasing the functionality of the app:

Users concerned about battery consumption can be assured as the authors say that they have optimized the graphics and the app itself will not too consume much of the battery. This in turn, does not compromise much the quality of the live wallpapers, and the video can prove it is well built.

Users can test it here. Below are some screenshots:






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