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Spice Smart Pulse M-9010 Smartwatch Brings Voice Call Function

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NEW DELHI, India – Spice has announced its Smart Pulse M-9010 smartwatch that comes with built-in phone functionality. This is the company’s first smartwatch and comes with Dual SIM support.

Spice Smart Pulse M-9010

The Spice Smart Pulse M-9010 has a 1.5-inch touch screen display which enables users to read or write SMS and even browse the web. This smartwatch can also be paired up with Android smartphones in order to view call logs, receive calls, read and write SMS, music streaming and camera capture.

The device is a Dual SIM offering a phonebook capacity of nearly 300+ storage on the SIM cards. There is even a provision for 8GB of expandable memory and a digital camera has been placed on the watch for image capture. The smartwatch supports two languages – English and Hindi – and comes with a battery capacity of 420mAh offering up to 180 minutes of talk time and 2 days of standby time.

The Spice Smart Pulse M-9010 is available on HomeShop 18 with a price of just Rs 3,999 and comes with a free Bluetooth headset and two wristbands.

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By , International Correspondent - Vadodara (India) office on Jul 28th, 2014 GMT +2


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