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OnePlus One Storm of Invites Contest Now Open

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DONGGUAN, China – Handset manufacturer OnePlus has recently launched a new ‘Storm of Invites’ promo to lure customers for one of them to be the lucky one to get the device first.

OnePlus One

However, this certainly comes at the user’s effort to promote the company on different social networks and get a chance of winning a 64GB “Sandstone Black” model by being the one amongst the 2500 invites. For this the user will have to perform a job to get eligible for the invite. This includes liking the OnePlus Facebook page, tweet about the giveaway on Twitter, follow the OnePlus page on Instagram, write a message on the OnePlus forums and join the OnePlus mailing list.

Already more than one 100 000 entries have arrived. The company could soon anytime open the floodgates for everyone to purchase the Cyanogen-powered OnePlus.

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By , International Correspondent, London office on Jul 2nd, 2014 GMT +2


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