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Google Unveils Android L with Material Design, Android Auto

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SAN FRANCISCO, USA –  At the Google I/O developer conference, Google unveiled its new Android version, Android L, that comes with Material Design, and also gave a glimpse of its new Android Auto platform.

Google has created this design with an aim to bring a consistent UI framework that spans across desktop, mobile and other platforms. The new UI has been created with bold graphic design, tactile surfaces with incorporating fluid motions for intuitive experiences. The material design shows the surface and shadow that constitutes a physical devices showing regions of movement and touch. The material design uses modern print design that places the content in front and center.

Google Android L Material Design

This material design will been incorporated across Android Wear, Android TV and even Android Auto. This means that the new design can be brought across several platforms. With the material design, a new Material Theme has also been created that helps to infuse color palette in apps, screen transitions, new system widgets and animated touch feedback. The design holds the ability to raise UI elements by casting dynamic, real time shadows in your apps.

Android Auto is Google’s new car interface which has been developed with the Open Automotive Alliance, among automobile giants like Audi, Honda Motor Co., Hyundai Motor Group, General Motors Co., and NVIDIA Corp.

Google Android Auto

Android Auto works with voice recognition that can be enabled by just pressing a button of the steering, bringing all the necessary information users need straight to your car’s dashboard – that includes the entire navigation route of one’s travel, a better Google Maps experience with personalized suggestions, sending text messages via voice command, music control with Google Play Music and other streaming services like Pandora, Songza, iHeartRadio, Tunlen.

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