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LG G3 Mini is in the Works

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SEOUL, South Korea – The LG G3 has turned to be the talk-of-the-town these days and now the LG G3 Mini variant has also been spotted.

LG G2 Mini

LG G2 Mini

The leaked documents show the device to be coming with a code name B2 mini where B2 is used to represent G3. The documents also further put some light on the LG G3 Mini’s specs. The smartphone comes with a model name LG D725, carrying a 720p display of unknown size and is powered by Android 4.4.2 topped-up with LG’s Optimus UI.

According to the leaked documents, the LG G3 mini sports a 8MP camera that captures pics with 3264×2248 pixels in resolution. No glimpse of the physical model is available yet but what can be said at the moment is that the device will have almost similar design and appearance to the LG G3.

The LG G3 is soon to come to US carriers AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.

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By , International Correspondent, Quebec office on Apr 28th, 2014 GMT +2


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