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All New HTC One Release Date Around the Corner

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TAOYUAN, Taiwan – The All New HTC One has hit the web before official launch, with leaks of its flip covers, photos and two cameras.

Evleaks has released images of the flip covers of the upcoming All New HTC One, also known as HTC M8 or HTC Two. The trendy feature of the flip covers is that there are small dots on it with LEDs that can display various information like weather, time, incoming calls and texts. Moreover, these flip covers will be available in several different colors.

All New HTC One HTC Two M8

In addition to the flip covers, a trusted source leaked several images on Weibo, in the form of a photo gallery of the device. The photos of the device have been captured from different angles with a branding of China Mobile. Few of the images of the HTC One, taken alongside the HTC One Max, give us a close idea about the dimensions of the device.

All New HTC One M8 vs HTC One Max

The probability of the HTC One having dual cameras is not new but there was no strong reason for the company to include this feature. Australian carrier Telstra has put some light to it: the Duo Camera will allow users to create blurry backgrounds by accurately choosing their point of focus. The camera will also feature 3D “effects”, apart from the conventional videos and photos.

All New HTC One Duo Camera

With the adjustable focus feature getting much popular these days, with the two cameras of HTC One, users will get better results, especially in case of multiple shots. However for the moment, there is no information regarding the camera resolution or optical stabilization.

The All New HTC One’s release date has been scheduled for the 25th of March, according to sources.

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By , International Correspondent, London office on Mar 15th, 2014 GMT +2


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