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CES: LG Showcases its LG Tab-Book 2 and LG Ultra PC

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LAS VEGAS, USA – LG has unveiled its second generation LG Tab-Book (11T740 and 11T540), along with its LG Ultra PC 13Z940 at the Consumer Electronics Show.

LG Tab-Book 2

LG says that it reinvented the Tab-Book after the success of its original Tab-Book released last year at the same conference. The two new models under the Tab-Book tag run on the Windows 8.1 platform, have an optimized 10 touch-point control and a QWERTY keyboard that slides beneath the 11.6” touchscreen. With just a one-touch on the side button, the keyboard slides from under the screen bringing it to user’s convenience.

LG Tab-book Windows 8

LG has scaled up the portability level with its new model 11T740 Tab-Book 2 in just 16.7mm thickness with a weight of 1.05kg, which is rather high for tablets. The 11.6 inch full-HD IPS screen flashes a maximum brightness of 400nit lumens for easy outdoor viewing. The LG 11T740 packs an Intel Core i5 processor that is said to seamless user experience, on-the-go entertainment and faster operability. Its sister model LG 11T540 is lighter at 930 grams of weight and more compact with 13.7mm thickness, but likely more expensive.

LG Ultra PC

According to LG, the Ultra-PC 13Z940 weighs less than 1kg on hands and sports a slimmer design than previous generation PCs. This model will boast better graphical performance, faster and improved processing and with the Haswell Intel Core i5 processor, the battery life will be prolonged for more hours. In order to ensure quicker access and improved user convenience, the LG Ultra PC offers faster booting with the solid state drive (128GB and 256GB).

LG Ultra PC

The LG Ultra PC features a full-HD IPS 13.3-inch screen and comes with LG’s own Super Narrow Bezel Design with bezel measuring just 4.4mm. The entire PC measures 13.6mm in thickness and weighs just below 1kg (980gms) as previous noted. The computer features a unique Reader Mode that helps reduce eye-strain and power consumption.

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