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Siignia iiD NFC Jewellery to Replace Business Cards

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Siignia is a technology start-up that has announced a new product, called Siignia iiD, that uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to store users’ contact details, effectively replacing business cards.

Siignia iiD NFC jewellery business card

The NFC chip will be a piece of silver unisex jewellery, which can be worn in different ways. Sharing of contact details can take place just by tapping the jewellery with an NFC-enabled device. With this, users can share a webpage with customizable contact details, just as sharing phone number details with social networking websites like LinkedIn and Twitter. Users will also be easily able to upload contact details online, serving as a backup.

Siignia iiD will offer users the versatility to choose which detail they want to display at any given instant of time, like showing office numbers during business hours or Facebook profiles at the evening, so that they can connect with the right people at the right time with utmost ease.

“Using iiD will revolutionise the way contact details are exchanged between with clients, business partners and even friends”, said founder Jessi Dimmock. “It makes the paper business card a thing of the past because, put simply, it’s easier, faster and it works better”, he continued.

Siignia plans to use the technology to give a whole new face to business cards that gives users a completely new interface to manage social and business contacts.

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By , International Correspondent - Vadodara (India) office on Nov 13th, 2013 GMT +2


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