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Motorola Neck Tattoo to Work as Microphone, Transmitter

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Motorola Mobility has applied for a patent of a¬†Motorola neck tattoo that would serve as a microphone and wireless transceiver. While filing the patent, Motorola said that this tattoo would have a “power supply configured to receive energizing signals from a personal area network”.


Logically this tattoo would be placed on the neck, as it is the nearest area to our mouth, so that the voice is clearly audible at the other end. The user will have an in-built receiver or will need to wear a headphone to listen to any incoming audio.

Electronic Neck Tattoo from Motorola

The Motorola neck tattoo is supposed to convert the acoustic sound analogue signals to digital signals that will be processed by smart phones and transmitted to it. The manufacturer proposed that the tattoo will have a galvanic skin response detector that could detect the resistance of human skin and perform accordingly.

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By , International Correspondent - Vadodara (India) office on Nov 14th, 2013 GMT +2


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