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Mobile-Controlled MOSS Robot is a Kickstarter Success

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With more than two-and-a-half years of research, Modular Robotics has created a robot construction system named MOSS that can be controlled by mobile phones.

MOSS - The robotic construction system

Robotics is the next big branch that caters to the recent advancements in technology and this field of technology has turned out to be the most looked-after sector in past few years.

MOSS structure construction

With this MOSS robot, users need not have and wired connections or coding. A one-button operation can help users operate the entire robotic system thereby transmitting the required power and data through the robot. Round-steel-spheres are placed at the corners of the blocks with which the entire robot structure can travel on the ground.

The robotic creation can be controlled via Bluetooth by pairing it with a smartphone. This device is created using over-molded neodymium “rare earth” magnets and carbon steel balls to give variety of shapes to the structures. A rechargeable lithium polymer battery is used to power up the MOSS robot construction system. A microUSB port is also provided to recharge the system.

MOSS with Bluetooth integration

Using the MOSS modules users can create static structures, but for mobile structures one first needs to thoroughly understand the color coding scheme that exists on each face of MOSS modules: for example, the yellow faces on the module will conduct power. Thus, the battery module will have yellow faces that transmits power to other modules as well to the entire construction. Blue and green will conduct data, with blue being data output and green being data input. The pink face on the module is very flexible and can be used for both power and data.

MOSS structure color layers and its functions

With research results of over two-and-a-half years, in-depth analysis, creating thousands of prototypes and applying it practically, the team has successfully created this robotic device and has presented in front of testers.

The MOSS robot has already achieved its Kickstarter goal, but there is still close to a month for prospective buyers to pledge for it.

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