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UltraHaptics Brings Minority Report to Mobile Phones

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Raising the level of user interface with the touch devices, a technology named UltraHaptics has been designed for users to operate their devices without touching them, produced by a research group at the University of Bristol.

Ultrahaptics University of Bristol ultrasonic transducers

This technology, more powerful than the one on the Samsung Galaxy S4, uses sound wave vibrations whose feedback can be felt in the mid-air above the touch panel.

This is framed using a series of ultrasonic transducers that convert the ultrasonic waves into the vibrations that can be felt at different points above the screen. The Bristol interaction and graphics group have created a beam of signals that create an invisible layer of vibrations above the screen, allowing it to be used as a computer interface. The brain behind this technology is Tom Carter, a computer-science engineer from the University of Bristol.

The use of ultrasonic sound for touch operations will certain be coming in future smartphones, as it’s being developed since 2008 by firms such as Nokia.

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