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Dell Venue 7 and Dell Venue 8 Price

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Dell has just announced 2 new tablets to their collection. They used to release and build tablets based on Windows RT, like the Dell XPS 10 with Windows RT but they stopped working with this OS and recommended users to look into the Dell Latitude 10, which is a device powered by Windows 8. It is indeed much more powerful but also much more expensive. For the mid-low-end range, Dell announced the Dell Venue 7 and the Dell Venue 8 tablets which run on Android – A smoother OS for low-end tablets.

Dell Venue 7 Price and Release Date

Dell Venue 7 Price

The major difference between the Dell Venue 7 and the Dell Venue 8 is the inches in screen, and therefore it makes a little difference in the price. As far as we are informed, the Dell Venue 7 will cost 149.99$.

We believe it is a fair price, but if we compare with tablets like the Nexus 7, which has the same specs but is a little bit more expensive, the Dell Venue 7 stays behind. But we must bear in mind that this is the entry price and unlike Apple devices, these prices are subject to deals with some careers in specific countries and at the same time can have discounts in a very little time span.

Dell Venue 8 Price

The 8 inch tablet is a little bi more expensive: 179.99$ which represents a difference of 30$. Both Tablets come with a 1280×800 pixels display, a 2GHz dual-core Intel Z2580 processor and both are running Android 4.2.2. The Venue 7 is powered by a memory space of 16GB while the Venue 8 has the 16 and 32GB choices available. Both the tablets have microSD card slots.

Dell Venue 7 Release Date

Why is Dell Investing in Android Powered Tablets?

We all know the past experiments with Android were unsucessfull, but we must bear in mind that the trials with Windows RT tablets were a big failure and the prices of Windows 8 tablets are very high. The only way they can build low-end tablets is using Android.

In addition to this Tablets, the Venue 8 Pro, the Venue 11 Pro, the XPS 15, the XPS 11 and the new XPS 13 were also released.

 Source: Press Release

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