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Lookout Discovers Malware in 32 Google Play Apps

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SAN FRANCISCO, USA – Smartphone security firm ‘Lookout’ has discovered a new malware family referred to as BadNews in about 32 apps in the Google Play store.

These apps are posted by four different developer accounts in Google Play. Lookout also informed that these applications were downloaded millions of times on a combined basis.

BadNews Lookout malware

Infected apps recognized by Lookout

The notoriety of BadNews lies in its ability to pose as an advertising network. In order to evade getting screened from Google Play, BadNews would pose as an advertising network at the front and it would push infectious malware out on a later date.

BadNews is capable of prompting users to install applications that could steal sensitive information, like phone numbers and IMEI number. The sensitive information is collected in a Command & Control server. In addition, BadNews candisplay fake news messages that could promote affiliated apps, such as AlphaSMS, an app that engages in premium SMS fraud. According to Lookout, the nature of the BadNews malware represents the next step in mobile malware evolution.

Lookout has provided the list of apps infected with the malware. It is found that BadNews developers are also using this malware to promote their less popular apps.

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By , International Correspondent, Chennai office

Published on May 3rd, 2013 GMT +2


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