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Smart Dust Computers to Bring Mobile Interaction to the Next Level

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ANN ARBOR, USA – Scientists are reportedly working on tiny computers of one cubic millimeter size and they can be compared to the size of a snowflake.

m3 Michigan Micro Mote

The computing power of today’s high-end smartphones and tablets are equal to or higher than that of traditional PCs, but this will be nothing when compared to the next-generation computing devices in the pipeline.

Prototypes of these tiny computers are being developed at the University of Michigan, and appropriately called Michigan Micro Mote (M3). These devices will have tiny CPUs to perform complex computing tasks, and current prototype devices are equipped with sensors to monitor temperature and transmit this data. The initial idea is to embed these devices in various buildings and get constant updates about the world around us.

Michigan Micro Mote M3

While charging these tiny computers is a problem worth considering, they are equipped to scavenge on power sources from the environment around them thanks to solar energy harvesting technology. The main issue arising in the initial stages is not computing, but rather transmitting the data captured to nearby smartphones, tablets and computers. Although the prototypes can perform a great number of computing operations, they could transmit only one bit of information to the outside world as of now.

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By , International Correspondent, Chennai office

Published on May 1st, 2013 GMT +2


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